A few days ago I begged yoir Dad and Amanda to let me see yall for a few minutes or to take yall to dinner so we can work on rebuilding this broken relationship. But it didnt do any good in fact made it worse for me. Because I had to listen to her tell […]

Starting Over… 

I have always been a super frugal person…  I used to shop by-the-circulars, (yes it needed to be hyphenated) recycling is huge with me. I have NEVER been the the type to throw away dishes. No matter how dirty, I would wash them. But I regretfully admit that today, Monday, October 21, 2016 at 6:04p, […]

I was there…

She says I hurt her by not being there for her…  Who was there for the first 4 years of her life. Working her butt off to provide for her. Helping her grow and learn. Who was there for her when he threw a remote at her.  Who was there to comfort her the numerous […]


I have to say, of late, I have heard people talking about wanting to meet girls or guys but knowing they’re married. I have also been lead on by 2 men who I later found out were married as well. Can I just say that this is disgusting to me. No one is perfect I […]

Alone… and it’s not a bad thing

I’m actually starting to enjoy it. I get to pick my own TV shows, eat what I want. Don’t have to worry about anyone else’s feelings. I can burp and fart without judgement. My kitchen can be as messy as I like and I don’t have to make my bed. The whole closet is mine […]

Mad Woman

How did I get here…  Where did it all go wrong. When did I lose everything that meant something. I cannot sit blameless, because I played a part. But I feel tricked and manipulated and taken advantage of by the very men I pledged my life to. I am not perfect but I tried, so […]

Not sure…

Created this blog last night after knowing I need an outlet and a friend reccomended a blog… there will be sad posts, happy posts, funny posts, and pissed off posts, but definitely sad posts… we all go through our own hell here on Earth… welcome to my interpretation of mine… ✌🌻🌼